Computer Virus Myth

Computer Virus Myth

The world’s first computer virus was created in 1985. At that time, a virus called Maurice Worm had attacked about 6,000 computers. Who knew, then just started! Then began a kind of ‘virus era’. Hackers used viruses to steal information or to control other people’s computers. Although the effects of antivirus have been greatly reduced in recent years, some viruses have caused irreparable damage. Many well-known organizations were trying to stop their activities due to their oppression. These were played by twelve important state institutions including emergency services


It is basically an internet worm, which prevents access to various host services and slows down the speed of the internet. When the worm began to spread in 2003, it doubled in size every 7.5 seconds. The virus killed many well-known companies, including Bank of America‘s ATM Service, Washington’s Emergency Services 911, Continental Airlines, and a nuclear power plant in Ohio. In all, it spread to 2 lakh computers and caused a loss of about 1.2 billion dollars.

I love you

The sweet name of the virus worked but was not sweet! It was spread through e-mail. An inexperienced e-mail called ‘ I Loves You ‘ would come into the inbox, which would infect harmful malware as soon as it was opened. It was created to destroy user image files as well as steal passwords. Not only that, after entering a computer, it would send mail to 50 more people from the address book of Windows. It damaged about 5 lakh PCs in 2000, with a financial value of about 1.5 billion dollars!


The worm of the Trojan family, which spread in 2003, could ‘reproduce’ itself once it entered a computer. It also attacked computers via e-mail. In a matter of moments, countless bulk mails would be sent to other e-mails in contact with the user. It even shut down computer traffic in Washington DC. Damaged many big companies. It defeated about 20 lakh users. The total loss is about 36 trillion dollars.


The Maidum Worm spread in the form of a forwarded e-mail. It’s one of the deadliest viruses ever. After entering the computer, it would enter the user’s outlook address and steal personal information. As well as spreading himself to the addresses of others. The virus, which spread rapidly, damaged about 2 million PCs, costing about 36 trillion.

Code Red

The virus spread in 2001 due to a vulnerability in computers running Windows 2000 and Windows NT. The virus rendered several sites, including the White House website, useless. The method of its spread was also quite varied. Checking 100 IP addresses at once and then entering the Windows PC. The virus, which harms about 100,000 PCs, caused an estimated 2.7 billion worldwide.

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