How do you fix website bugs

How do you fix website bugs?

Here are some ways to get rid of website bugs:

Light analysis

First, you need to see if there are any common pages in your site’s script that are included in all script files. For example, many include the header file on all pages. If there is a common page, edit the fewer pages and save the code below. If there is no common page, edit all the files on the site and save the following code:

ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

ini_set(‘display_startup_errors’, 1);


Saving this code will now show if there is an error in your script. Some secure servers stop displaying errors, such as those on the DataXpie Cloud, so Attacker can’t detect if there is an error in your script. However, using the above code will forcefully report the error. You will also see the error.

Now browse each file of your site one by one to see if there is an error, if it comes, you will understand that there is a problem and if it does not come, you have completed the first step.

Deep analysis:

Check the coding of the site first; See if the following things are OK

  • Whether it filters the extension with the file upload option, it is better to save the uploaded image using GD Image under a new name. It is 100% safe and there is no way to bypass it.
  • Whether the connection to the database has been followed by a secure coding pattern.
  • In case of POST and GET requests, properly inputted data is verified, whether it is being filtered.
  • If the record is fetched from the database, whether it is being filtered.
  • Whether passwords and important information are being encrypted properly.

This way you can find out the bugs of your site. However, if you have enough knowledge, you can manually remove bugs from any site without using a scanner and this is the most effective method, so know the security errors first and then you will understand how to find bugs yourself.

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