How do you know your Facebook data have leaked

How do you know your Facebook data have leaked?

How Facebook data have leaked?

Many of you already know that big data has been leaked from Facebook again. This time the leak is said to be quite large. About half a billion user data is now available online. This huge leak contains important information about 533 million users in 108 countries. In terms of population, which is less than China and India but more than America. Facebook currently has 2.8 billion users, so your account is about 20% more likely to be in leaked data. With 533 million users, the number of users in Bangladesh is not insignificant. Bangladesh has 3.6 million users. Whose data is in this leak? The good news is that the leaked data contains important information such as users’ phone numbers, ID names, birthdates, bios, locations, etc., but does not contain the most important piece of information, namely the Facebook password.

The uproar over the incident began earlier this month when the world’s major news outlets began to publicize the incident. But the data leak is not that recent. The idea is that it happened earlier, most likely in 2019. A report from Motherboard in January found that hackers were able to retrieve Facebook users’ phone numbers for a small fee through telegram bots. But it started to hit the news media when a cyber expert named Alon Gal tweeted more details about it on Twitter. For a long time, it was necessary to charge for viewing the data, but now so much data is available for free in various cybercrime-related communities. It is not at all pleasant to have such large scale data available online. This data can be easily used by unscrupulous hackers for various cybercrimes. Although the incident has been going on for several days, Facebook has not yet officially opened its mouth. But it is known from some spokespersons of Facebook that these data are from 2019 and that is when Facebook fixed a big kind of vulnerability. But Facebook did not send any kind of notification to the accounts that were compromised at that time. Interestingly, the data of 533 million users include the account of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Earlier in 2016, Facebook was involved in a scandal called Cambridge Analytica where Facebook was accused of providing information to targeted ads in the 2016 US elections. Although Facebook did not sell direct data then, they have to face a lot of legal hurdles, so they said that in the future they will be more strict about data scraping, but we also have to see this happening.

How to know if you have an account:

  • Go to the website at at the beginning.
  • Now input your mobile number or e-mail address and press the ‘pwned?’ Button. Mobile numbers should be written in English and international format. I.e. ‘+8801 …’ thus, without any space.
  • Your account will show a red message if the information is leaked, if not a green message.
  • If you see a red message, scroll down a bit to find out when your mobile phone number or e-mail address was attached.

Suppose your Facebook account information is leaked. It’s a matter of concern, but don’t panic. Rather, you can learn from this. Before sharing anything on Facebook, you can ask yourself if you will be harmed if it is leaked. Refrain from logging in with Facebook without reliable services. If you want permission for an app or service to use your Facebook information, read it. Even if you have a little hesitation, don’t agree. And you can take the help of the Facebook Help Center to increase the security of the account.

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