How secure is your password?

The most common method of authentication to verify someone’s identity is to use a password. It’s a word that no one but you should know. So it is you who will know what the password is with your username, the system will take over. Because only you know the secret password. Theoretically, that’s fine. But what I always say is that security is not a technical issue, it is a humanitarian issue. The adulteration is there. We humans have big problems with passwords. Because in the case of a password, two conflicting conditions have to be applied together (1) it will be very complex and secret so that no one can guess it and (2) you can easily remember it yourself. Here is the problem!

Any user may need to remember about a hundred passwords. It is impossible to remember so many passwords. So the reality is that users use a very simple password, use the same password everywhere and write the password on a piece of paper and hang it on the side of the computer.


So-and-so is of 95 type – where so-and-so is his name and 95 is his year of birth, etc. etc. Such as helpme1. letmein1. password1. This is also stupid because most people here use something like 1 or 123 as a number. If you use something like this in your account, then it is very easy to hack your account. There are now a number of password cracker programs available, with which such simple passwords can be cracked in a matter of seconds. Don’t live by using too many long words, because all the words in the dictionary use these cracker tools. So there’s away? Yes, there’s away. That is not to use any such word in the dictionary. If your password is like YFsrdgfg534! # 5 But it is almost impossible for anyone to guess and throw out the stone. That’s why you actually need to use a little formula. What is your favourite song? Suppose your favourite song is “Josna, the daughter of Veda, promised me, Josna cheated by saying come on”. If you write in English, you will find Josna Amay Kotha in bed, Ashi Ashi Bole Josna Faki Diyeche. Even if you don’t remember the password, you remember this song, don’t you? Then take the first syllables of each word of this song. Add different numbers with bmjakdaabjfd in different places. Numbers that are easy for you to remember. For example, Mustafiz’s recent record (how many wickets did he take, remember? 5. Add it anywhere, which you can easily remember. Bm5jakdaabjfd has become a complex password. Because it involves your favourite song and your favourite bowler. And even if various brute force crackers swallow the dictionary, you will never be able to guess these strange words easily. Another good piece of advice is to use a password manager, like LastPass, whose job is to keep your password safe. By doing things.

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