How to transfer a domain

How to transfer a domain?

What is a domain transfer?

Suppose you bought a domain from a company called A. Now you don’t like the services of company A so you want to give the responsibility of your domain management to the new company. In this case, the method of transferring the domain to the new company is the domain transfer.

Terms of transfer:

  • Domains cannot be transferred within 60 days of registration.
  • Domain must be transferred at least 7 days before expiration (10 days as per our recommendation). Otherwise there will be no transfer.
  • WHOIS information cannot be hidden, if privacy protection is turned off. 
  • You must have access to the admin email provided in the WHOIS information as the verification link and EPP / AUTH code will be sent to the email.
  • Domain must be unlocked.  Enter the website then enter the domain WHOIS
  • See in the information below whether the client Transfer Prohibited? If so, the domain cannot be transferred. The domain is locked and you need to unlock it.

How to transfer?

First, go to this link and order for transfer. This is like a normal registration, you have to give your own info which will be used as your WHOIS contact info and identity verification. You have to give EPP code while ordering, where can you get it? Your job is to get the EPP code from the old company. If the old company gave you the control panel of the domain, then find the EPP code in that panel. DataXpie Cloud offers a full domain control panel so its users can access their own panel ( link ) Login and click on the EPP Code button to get the EPP code, there is no problem in this case. But those who do not have a separate control panel for the domain must get the code from the provider. In this case, many times the provider can get in trouble, so when buying a domain, see if the domain control panel has given you. However, after giving the EPP code to the new company, they will accept the transfer request and send the verification link to the domain admin email. You have to click on that link. You have to wait 5-6 days after clicking. The domain transfer will take place within 5-6 days unless your previous provider cancels the transfer.

Domain transfers are usually charged the same amount as the registration and the date of domain expiry is extended by one year after the transfer. That’s why it works like domain transfer and domain renewal, only the provider changes. Suppose your domain is supposed to expire on 11/11/2019. Now if you renew or transfer, the expiry date will increase by 1 year, that is, it will expire on 11/11/2020. For this, if you have to pay the transfer fee, there will be no additional charge. No matter which day you transfer or renew, 1 year will be added to your last expiry date. Many people think that if you renew now, maybe the expiration date will count from now on. It is a misconception that the expiration date will count from now on.

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