Information about hacking that people don’t know

Whether you understand technology or not, nowadays almost everyone has heard of hacking or hacking. There is something illegal or bad in the middle of the word. And today I have come up with some information about hacking which you may be surprised to hear!

What is a hack?

A person who finds vulnerabilities in a computer system or computer network and takes a position by virtually attacking them is called a security hacker or hacker, and what he has done is hacking. Hacking is usually done for a variety of purposes such as making illegal profits, digitally protesting something, stealing information, stealing money, giving or taking challenges, and so on.

  • The word hacking was first used in English in the 1200s. Back then, hacking meant cutting wood with an ax.
  • Most tech pundits in the world are reluctant to consider hacking as bad. They see hacking as a “skill” and regard it as information that can be used for both personal and good purposes.
  • There are mainly 4 types of hacker classes. Black Hat Hackers who use hacking for bad and illegal purposes. White Hat Hackers use hacking as an educational and good job, they are also hired as security experts in big tech companies. C) Gray Hat Hacker They are neither good nor bad. These types of hackers go their own way, but they don’t usually hack with bad intentions. And last but not least d) Script Kiddie these are unprofessional hackers. They steal or buy another hacker’s script and then use it for hacking.
  • Surprisingly, in the early days of modern computer hacking, the word hacking was used to solve computer problems quickly!
  • The word hack was first introduced in computer systems in 1983.
  • A worm called Conficker, created in 2006, has been dubbed as the world’s immortal hack or virus. The virus is still auto-hacking on billions of PCs around the world. It is said that 20% of all cyber attacks in the world are currently for this Conficker.
  • About 80% of all hacks in the world are hacked through porn sites!
  • Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous hackers in the world, was admitted to the IT class of the jail while he was in jail and reduced the scope of his sentence with the help of computer!
  • Computers made in China already have a secret backdoor access to spy. So the PCs of Lenovo Computers do not use the PCs of MI6, CIA and other big intelligence agencies.
  • Single hacking caused the biggest financial loss in the world in 1998. Timothy Lloyd, an 11-year-old OMEGA official, fired a time bomb hacking into the company’s main operating system after being fired. The hack became active 14 days after he was fired, causing the company more than 10 million in losses and the loss of 60 jobs.
  • It is said that the first person arrested for hacking was not fined or punished because there was no law against this subject at that time.
  • The hacking shown in Matrix movies was done through real hacking tools!
  • The most feared hacking group of all time in the world was active in the 90s. They had the power to shut down the entire Internet system in 30 minutes. The group later voluntarily surrendered to a U.S. court and was not exposed to the public for their actions. Even today no one knows the name of this group or the identity of their members.
  • The biggest bank robbery in the world was through digital hacking! In 2015, cyber hackers hacked into more than 100 banks to the tune of 1 billion.
  • Google has access to the emails of all its customers with FBI access! Source
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was fired from the University of Colorado for hacking into his school’s computer system.
  • Virender Raika from Kurukshetra region of India was offered 63,360 (annually) by Microsoft in their company for his deadly anti-hacking skills. Source
  • This Virender Raika used to study in the light of lamp post in her childhood. And now he has become the only reliance on all the cyber crimes of the local police!
  • The largest financial loss for hacking so far is 836 billion. This damage occurred after the email hacking of MyDoom spread in 2004. The virus, or hack, was last seen in South Korea in 2009.
  • Hacking was first used in Hollywood movies in the 1983 movie WarGames.
  • Security researcher Charlie Miller was able to hack Mac OS in 2016 by breaking the security of Safari browser in just 10 seconds.
  • The world’s largest hacking work is currently awaiting approval. Roger Angel of the University of Arizona recently proposed to create a large sunscreen in space. Through this, people will be able to control the climate of the world!

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