Is the WordPress site secure

Is the WordPress site secure?

WordPress is basically a blogging platform. The main purpose of creating it was to create a blog, but because it is easy and open-source, other uses began very quickly. Developers create plugins and themes to customize it. Everything from e-commerce to your personal portfolio can be built with it.

So many sites made with WordPress !! Just think! And this list includes the top blogs from the White House.

Now let’s hope for security

It’s a very secure platform, it has an active developer team who are constantly providing security updates. It is said to be one of the safest platforms in the world. No happier, WordPress is the most hacked site in the world!

The main script of WordPress is quite secure but the problem is when we add various plugins and themes to it. Below are some of the main reasons why WordPress sites can be hacked:

Insecure Server: It is seen that most of the time your site can be hacked for an insecure server. There is a method of hacking called symlink. This symlink is to bypass the file read permission on the server, search the configuration file by force and show it to the hacker in the form of text if any file read permission is obtained. This is how 30-40% of all WordPress sites in the world are hacked. This is a serious problem.

Remedy: This can be easily remedied. Encrypt the wp-config.php file using an encryptor. The hacker will not be able to decrypt even if configured, so there will be no profit. You can encrypt with Just open the wp-config.php file, copy and paste the code here and encrypt it, then save the encrypted code to the wp-config.php file.
In addition, secure server hosting should be used.

Insecure Plugins / Themes: Most people use nailed or stolen theme plugins/themes. They can’t see with the naked eye but if you look, you will see that these maximum plugins/themes files have backdoor/malware. Using these backdoors, hackers can easily hack your site. You used a nulled plugin and saw that nothing happened to the site in 10 days. You continued to run the site in comfort, but you will see that one day a hacker came to the site and deleted all the data and hung his own defence. Remember that this is one of the reasons why WordPress sites are hacked so much.

Remedy: Many paid / free plugins/themes also have many errors, so check the online reputation and last update time of the plugins/themes you use. If you see that the update does not come out for a long time, then the plugin/themes do not use it. If you use Nulled plugin, open each PHP file with a text editor and see if there is any encrypted code, just use it, don’t use it otherwise.

Exploit in Core File: As I said before, it is a secure platform and is constantly updated. Since many people use it, it hurts as much as the head. Even in this case, sometimes there is an exploit in the core script, so you have to update it as soon as there is an update bar. Use security plugins for security outside of this.

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