Is your website loading slow

Is your website loading slow?

We do not assume that the server is behind the slow loading of the website, but many times your idea may be wrong. Without further ado, the reasons are not stated:

Reasons for slow loading:

If the size of the site is too much: It is said that the size of the site should be kept at a maximum of 600-700 KB. This is the standard size, but most sites use multiple images, so the site size does not fall within this range. Remember that site loading time is the most important factor behind it.

Solution: All the images on the site need to be compressed. Use the site to do this. It works great. People who use WordPress use the WP SMASH plugin.

Also, use JavaScript as little as possible on the site. And of course, minify the Javascript file. It is very important. The same goes for CSS files.

Use site to compress CSS.

Place the Javascript files in the footer, not in the header. If there are more pictures on the site, you must use a lazy loading system.

Increase the number of HTTP REQUEST: If you have 2 images on one page and 2 images are loaded from the same origin, it will take less time if two images are loaded from another origin. Because the browser usually processes 8-16 requests together. So the images will load one by one when the original is the same. That means one picture will take another after it is fully loaded. But if the origin is different, it will be taken together. Suppose 2 pictures take 10 seconds to load, if they are on the same server, then if you put them on a different server, it will take 5 seconds.

I hope you understand the matter! Many have heard the name CDN. This work is basically tied with CDN. You don’t have to buy CDN with money, make a Blogspot site, upload the image and link to the site. However, keep in mind that the number of HTTP requests should not exceed 45 again.

Server Response Time: This is not very important unless the response time is more than 2 seconds. If it is more than 2 seconds, notify the server provider and they will take action.

How to check? First, check if your internet speed is 100 KB +. It can be seen from Then you need to ping the IP of your hosting server. To find out the hosting server’s IP, go to, enter your own site address or enter the hosting provider’s nameserver (site or nameserver) and click on whois lookup. This is DataXpy’s IP. Now find the command prompt on your PC and type
and see the response time.

There are many sites online such as Google Insight also show that if the server response time is high, do not trust the results. This is because the server’s ISP security system (firewall) often allows search engine spiders or boot requests (not user requests in the header) to scan and enter separately, and this scanning takes a lot of time for the server’s ISP firewall system. Response time will show more. The most effective way to see the response time is to ping from the command.

Server Location: Bangladeshis should use a server in or near Texas because the internet gateway in Bangladesh can create data connection very fast. Many people think that if you use Bangladeshi server, you will get more speed. This idea is completely wrong. Many people think that the speed is higher because the data has to travel a short distance, this is true but the data is not transferred to the train or bullock cart that will take a long time to transfer. Data is transferred at the speed of light.
A: Do not use servers from the Netherlands or Canada.

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