Learn about some important WordPress Plugins

Learn about some important WordPress Plugins

Here are the names of some useful WordPress plugins, hopefully, your site speed and security will work.

Use the following plugins to increase speed:

Lazy Load: Using this will reduce the loading time of the site and the site will load much faster. Its job is to load the content before loading the images of the site.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization: If you use it, all the images on the site will be auto-compressed after uploading and the image quality will not be lost, it is a great plugin.

Better WordPress Minify: The site’s js and CSS files will auto compress so the site will load several times faster.

WP Super Cache: This will cache the static files of the site, which means it will be saved in the browser of the visitor, so the static file will not be re-downloaded on repeated page reloads, the site will also load a lot faster.


Yoast SEO plugin is good for SEO, but it may seem a bit complicated to configure it. In this case, you can use Rank Math as an alternative.

Ithemes security: Use it, if you can do the tweaks just like that. WordPress sites are usually hacked due to server issues or bad plugin/theme usage today. First, check how secure the plugin you are using is. Then check the code yourself if there is anything encrypted, do not use it.

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