Some common hacking techniques you should know

Some common hacking techniques you should know

Almost everyone knows what hacking is. There is no point in not knowing what hacking is in this age of the internet. Hacking has become a common topic nowadays. Hackers nowadays use different methods for hacking. This blog discusses hacking methods.

Keylogger / Keyboard Capturing

Kilger is a system that runs some software on the system that saves all the text you type. If you input your email password etc. on the device on which this software is run then this software will save all your input data and provide it to the hacker. So be careful when inputting personal emails and pass awards on your friend’s or someone else’s computer or smartphone.

Denial of Service / Distributed Denial of Service

Daniel of Service Attack is the easiest way to take down a website’s server. This method brings a lot of huge traffic to a site at the same time. So much huge traffic is brought in that the site server cannot process so much data at the same time resulting in the final site server crash. However, the funny thing is that the owner of the computer with which the hacker traffic to the site for this work does not even know that his computer is being used in a server crash of a site. This means that hackers also access those computers illegally.

Fake WAP

Who doesn’t want to use free internet! Using free internet sources, hackers steal the personal data of those who use the internet. In this method, the hacker creates a fake wireless access point and connects it to an official public network. Best source for any public wifi. So if you want to avoid being hacked, it is wise not to use it. If you have used it, then you must use it with the VPN server.

Brute Force Attack

Brute force attack is a popular method in the world of hacking. It is basically a computer program. This program is run by running Auto Attack with Password Dictionary. Somehow the username and password matched the bass work! The most important thing to protect your account from brute force attacks is to use strong passwords.


Phishing is a popular method of hacking online accounts. In this way, the hacker creates a login page similar to the login page of the site that your account targets. The hacker somehow brings this login page in front of you. This login page looks like the original login page so you fill out this form with your login information without thinking. And in this form, some programs are run that provides all the information you have input to the hacker. So before logging in to any site, you must check the site link.

Virus, Trojan, etc

Virus attack is currently a common hacking method. Even we are unknowingly attacked by this attack. In this method, the hacker enters the virus into the victim’s device which steals the victim’s data and provides it. When we get a premium version of the software for free, we start using it. We don’t think hackers can inject viruses into your computer or smartphone. If you want to avoid a virus attack, you must avoid using premium software for free, and be careful when clicking on any external links and ads.

Cookie Theft

Browser cookies store your confidential information such as usernames, emails, passwords, etc. Now if a hacker steals the cookies from your browser! Then something very big can happen, right? However, stealing the cookies of modern browsers is a very difficult task and the browser does not keep the cookies at all normal. The browser uses a special encryption method to store cookies, which is not an easy task to decrypt at all. Just because a hacker can’t steal or decrypt a cookie doesn’t mean you can’t be careful.

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