The beginning and end of RANSOMWARE

The beginning and end of RANSOMWARE

Many are not familiar with ransomware or are the first to hear its name. This is a very scary method that can lead to your ultimate defeat.

Mr Ajmal saw that the boss had sent an email from the office mail address containing a JavaScript file. He wondered what the harm was when he opened the JavaScript file. Even then he scanned with antivirus. No problem. But the problem is when he opened the file on the PC. All the files on the PC have been locked and renamed to reverse extensions. Unable to find direction, he did the following:

  • Renamed the file, changed the extension to the original. But the file does not open.
  • Deleted the file, recovered with the recovery software. There was no gain, because the virus encrypted the original file, encrypting it, and the encrypted tie was recovered.

This is what happens when you are attacked by ransomware. No antivirus or company in the world can unlock your file without the maker of that ransomware.

It is of two types, the most terrifying is the encrypting ransomware which when encrypted on the PC will encrypt all the files in its own algorithm which cannot be fixed without any key. The other ransomware is the locker ransomware which locks the file but does not encrypt it. There is another type of ransomware that can be used to lock the boot.

This is because Malware is more dangerous than others:

  • It can automatically attack all the PCs in the network.
  • No one has a solution to this. If you hold it on PC, you have to pay either or the whole PC format.
  • This will make your PC base and spread to other PCs.

A file of just a few kilobytes can wreak havoc on you in an instant.

How to unlock?

Usually, hackers will leave a picture on your PC with instructions. The hackers have to go to the secret site provided by the Tor browser and buy the algorithm to unlock the bitcoin with money that is worth more than 500-1000 dollars and the time of payment is given. If they do not pay, they will have to pay double.

How does it work?

The JavaScript you run will run by downloading some file backgrounds from online and those files will basically lock all the files on your PC.

How to live: It is spread through email , so if you are sceptical before opening the files in the email, then open the online file opening site. Numerous sites to open such files can be found by searching on Google. And of course, keep a regular backup of the PC.

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