Top Secret Email Account Rules

Everyone has a different look at the top secrets in the internet world. Secret Email, Secret, Anonymous This is a very sensitive and interesting topic no matter how you look at it. For example, anyone may be surprised to see an anonymous Facebook ID, again a message from the anonymous number on your smartphone is actually quite surprising, such as 555 number, what do you actually do a bizarre message to you? Anyway, today we talked about email, I mean anonymous email! In today’s post, I will briefly talk about how to create and use top-secret email. Anonymous email can be used for many purposes, but I hope you do not use today’s tips for any illegal or bad work. You can easily open a secret email in the true sense. Names, addresses, locations, etc. when playing Gmail accounts. Birthdays etc. You can open secret emails with a weird name by filling in falsely such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc. However, if you have your personal email in Gmail, then it is better to open the confidential email to another service. Below is a list of some web-based anonymous mail services


Hushmail tops our list. No, it’s not a duck mail (lol). It is an anonymous email service with an easy-to-use and completely ad-free and built-in encryption. However, in the free version, you can use 25 MB of storage. And for বছরে 49.96 per year, you will also get the premium version of the 10GB online storage. However, whether you use the free version or the premium version, you cannot use it in any illegal activity.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is basically a temporary and disposable email service. And no one else will be able to use the email address you used. Up to one hour after activating your guerrilla mail address, you can see all the emails that come in your mail by visiting the official site of Guerrilamail. You can also use the domain of your choice in Guerrilla Mail. E.g. [email protected] etc. (lul). You can use the guerrilla mail service for confidential mail quickly and easily. It does not require any sign-up, you can attach files up to 150 MB in the mail.


Another confidential free and disposable email service is Mailinator. It does not require any sign-up but you can sign up with a Google account if you want. To use it you just need to put the name of an email account of your choice before @ However, the problem here is that if someone else can enter using your preferred name and then both will use the same email address. No password is required to access the mail.

TorGuard Email

Torguard Email is basically a VPN based Anonymous VPN service with subscription charges starting at 9.95 per month. You will also get a separate Anonymous Email service. The Target Guard service uses G / PGP encryption and has no ads.

Email On Deck

Email on Deck is very easy to use. In just two steps you will receive a temp disposable email. In the first step, you have to fill in a captcha and in the second step, you have to collect the email. Keep in mind that here they will give you a random email (eg [email protected]). You can pick up another email whenever you want. However, these emails will remain active for up to 2 hours. is not just a site but it will also be an extension of Chrome and Firefox and you will not have to visit their site again and again. From here you can open the email address you need from the domain extension of your choice. In the free version, you will get the option to send limited emails, but if you take a premium subscription with 12.99 per year, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited features.

ProtonMail is at the bottom of our list today. At the end of it all, this is the best secret email service on the list. This will give you a full-time encryption message service, with an anonymous system. Its servers are located in Switzerland and Switzerland is a country that is very conscious of privacy. In the free version of Proton Mail, you will get a daily limit of 150 messages and 500 MB of storage. Or you can spend 4 euros per month to enjoy the advanced features.

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