What are domain and hosting

What are domain and hosting?

What is a domain?

To make a website you need to give a name to your website. And that name of the website is called domain. The domain is the name by which people will find your website. For example, we find Facebook with www.facebook.com. We can find Google with www.google.com. The name by which a person will visit your website is the domain of your website. Domains will not only be with .com, different types of domains are used by different types of websites. Everyone uses .com for business or general use. However, people use different domain extensions for different types of websites such as: .org for organization, .net for networking site (www.dataxpie.com), .info for information site and many more.

What is hosting?

Many people know what domain is but don’t know what hosting is. If you bought a domain then you bought a name for your website. You need to keep your website on a PC that stays on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hosting companies offer the convenience of having your website on a PC that is always on. Hosting companies offer this service for a monthly or annual fee. Different companies provide hosting at different prices. If you want to take hosting in Bangladesh, you have to pay different prices to different companies. You have to buy and use a certain amount of space from their PC. And the place you will buy for your website is hosting. You can also put your website on your home PC if you want, but does your home PC run 24 hours 365 days? If you have a website on your PC, your computer is off or your internet connection is not working Visitors will not be able to see your website. The PC on which you will host your website must always be turned on. Your visitors will see your website as soon as the PC hosted by the site is turned on.

There are several types of hosting

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is usually used to run personal or small to medium-sized business websites with 30 to 50 thousand or a maximum of 1 lakh visitors per month. Shared hosting is used from a minimum of 1 GB to 10 GB. If you need more, you can upgrade the package by contacting the hosting provider.

VPS (Virtual private server): It is used for both business and personal purposes. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. You can create shared and reseller hosting packages at the same time. Shared hosting where many sites run at the same time, so the load on the shared server is relatively high. However, working with a VPS server allows you to use your full resources alone, which will load your site faster and at the same time have a lot more visitors. This is why it is called a server. The cost of a VPS server is much higher than a shared server. You can run a VPS server if you have a good budget and business strategy. VPS servers are taken according to RAM and CPU configuration. Server with higher RAM and CPU core, That server is so fast. The VPS server is taken on a monthly renewal system. Prices for this server range from 45 to 120 per month, depending on the configuration.

Dedicated hosting (dedicated server): Dedicated server similarly VPS hosting. These servers are much larger in size and configuration than other servers. Dedicated servers range from 500 GB to 2/3/5 TB. You can create all kinds of hosting packages if you want from a dedicated server. This server is also taken according to RAM and CPU configuration. Dedicated hosting is suitable for any large company that runs multiple high engagement websites at the same time. Dedicated servers are also taken on a monthly renewal system. Prices for this server range from 80 to 250 per month, depending on the configuration.

Reseller Hosting: It is mainly taken for hosting business. For example, you can buy hosting from me on 10/25/50 GB or more reseller systems and sell it to others. Get extra benefits from shared hosting here. However, this only applies to those who want to start a hosting business.

All the hosting companies in the world, including the hosting companies in Bangladesh, sell different types of hosting. Such as: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server etc. You need to buy hosting space according to your needs.

Many people who don’t know think that domain hosting is the same thing. Or if you buy one, you can get two. No, the domain is one thing and hosting is another. You have to buy two ties with different money. But usually, those who sell hosting also sell domains. If you want you can buy 2 ties from the same provider. If you want, you can also buy from a different company. However, I would say that if you buy the domain and hosting from the same company, it will benefit your maintenance.

You can purchase domains and host from us. We are the domain hosting provider of Bangladesh. We provide service in Bangladesh and also provide hosting in countries outside Bangladesh. But our hosting server is in the USA. So our service is not likely to be bad.

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