What is a website How many types of websites are there in the world 1

What is a website? How many types of websites are there in the world?

What is a website?

Websites are one of the best ways to promote your business, organization, hobby, or urgency on the Internet. A website is a must if you want to promote your organization or your business around the world.

How many types of websites and what are they?

In general, we can divide the website into two parts. One is a static website and the other is a dynamic website. We can also divide the website into local and remote based on location.

Types of Websites

Depending on the diversity of the structure, the webpage or website can usually be divided into two types. For example:
1. Static Webpage or Static Website (Static Webpage or Static Website)
2. Dynamic Webpage or Dynamic Website (Dynamic Webpage or Dynamic Website)

What is a static website?

Websites whose data values ​​cannot be changed after displaying a webpage are called static websites. The scripting language is not used to create static websites. A static website is usually created with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

Static Website Features
1. Loads very fast.
2. There is no connection with the database.
3. Content is specific.
4. Cannot update practical information.
5. It is designed with HTML, CSS, JS etc.

Advantages of Static Website
1. Control is simple and easy to manage.
2. Cost is low and site loads fast.
3. Even if the net speed is low, data can be downloaded quickly.
4. Easy to manage webpage layout.

Disadvantages of static websites
1. It takes a lot of time to update the content.
2. Content control becomes more and more difficult as the size of the website increases.
3. There is no system to take user input.
4. If you want to add a new page, you have to code for that page separately.

What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites are websites whose data values ​​can be changed even after the webpage is displayed. Scripting languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, Python are used to create dynamic websites and HTML, CSS, JS is also used to design the webpage. In addition, a database (SQL / MYSQL) is required.

Features of Dynamic Website
1. Creating mutable information or interactive web pages.
2. Page design or content may change during runtime.
3. Database is used.
4. Can update practical information.

Advantages of Dynamic Website
1. There can be a lot of information.
2. Facts and content can be updated very quickly.
3. Scheduled pages can be displayed for designated users.
4. A certain amount of access can be set for users.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Website
1. Cost is high.
2. Controlling and developing is relatively complex and difficult.
3. There is a possibility
of data hacking 4. It takes more time to load the data to use the database.

We can also categorize websites based on usage. E.g.

  • Archive site: Old important information is stored for everyone’s use.
  • E-commerce site: The product is made for buying and selling.
  • News sites: These sites have different types of news.
  • Blog sites: Different niche based content is available on different blog sites.
  • Download site: Different types of files, software etc. can be downloaded.
  • Portfolio sites: have different information about yourself. So that the visitors of the site can know about his portfolio.
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