What is a Zombie Computer

What is a Zombie Computer?

If you have seen the Hollywood horror movie Zombie Land, Resident Evil, or Dead Snow, etc., you have a rough idea about “Zombie”. Zombies are basically healthy people who were once infected by the virus. According to the movie, they can infect any healthy person and kill people. Different scientists create different viruses and make zombies for different purposes. Anyway, the zombie curiosity on the movie screen is zombie computer but not curiosity at all.

Check your mail account now, you will see hundreds of spam mails lying in the spam folder, maybe you get hundreds of such spam mails every day. So where does this mail come from? Do hackers send you hundreds of emails manually? Unfortunately, no! Most of these tasks are performed using zombie computers. Not only do hackers have one or two infected computers, but one study found that a single hacker could control more than 1.5 million infected computers from a single computer.

In today’s article, we will learn how hackers can control your computer by making it a zombie, why they do it and how to protect your computer from this attack. So let’s get started.

What is a zombie computer?

1) Spammer’s Website (2) Spammer (3) Spamware (4) Infected Computer (5) Virus (6) Mail Server (7) User (8) Web Traffic

I’m not talking about the computer like the movie — the computer that came back after death and is attacking the rest of the computers. Rather, zombie computers are computers that have been hijacked by viruses, malware, or Trojans, and controlled by someone else. Maybe a single person is controlling your computer and maybe a group of hackers is controlling your computer. And the scariest thing is that you have no idea what your computer might be doing.

Many people think, “Brother, I am just an ordinary person, what will someone do if my computer is hacked or hacked?” Yes, you may not be targeted and hacked, but you may be the victim of this attack. This type of attack is not attacked by the person. Infecting one of your computers means getting them a soldier increase.

When hackers create a whole army of infected computers, it is called a botnet. Only the commander of that botnet can give orders to the zombie computers on that botnet, and these entire computers are controlled via the Internet. In this system, it is almost impossible to trace from which computer the botnet is being operated. Most computer users may never know that their computer is doing something wrong to someone else.

Computer hacking

You may be surprised to know that most computer hacking is done by people who have no knowledge of computer programs. They use many small programs to find fault with your computer’s operating system or any software installed on your computer and try to take control of your computer. These attackers are called cra** cars. Botnet investigators say RAD programs are very common and many people try to hack with viruses created by others. Crackers inject these viruses into your PC and turn them into zombie computers.

However, if they want to infect your computer, they must install the virus software on your computer. They send spam emails to you, plant malware on your computer through the PTP network or through any internet website. Craw ** Car changes the name and extension of its malicious software, so you know it’s a different software or work file. The more you watch out for these attacks from the Internet or from TechHubs, the more * cara * cars will come up with new ways to attack you.

Many times when you visit a website or open a webpage, you get various popup messages, many times that message contains information about an offer and you are asked to subscribe to the mail. Each popup has a cross button or a cancel button to cut. Most of the time we just click the cancel button, this ** car can hide the malware download link on this button and trick you into downloading it to your system.

These malware files are usually in a known file format, usually in an image file or .MP4 or .PDF file. Since these files are known formats, you will definitely open them. After opening, many computer antiviruses catch them — they survive instantly. But those who do not catch them on their computer, nothing happens after they open, they think the file was corrupted or there is a problem with the file. The malware now sits well with the computer operating system and integrates with the Auto Start program, so that the malware is activated whenever you turn on the computer. The malware directly takes control of your computer’s Internet traffic and allows you to remotely access your computer.

In this way, Cra ** Car infects hundreds or thousands of computers one after the other and builds an army or botnet with all the zombie computers.

Does the botnet work?

The question that must have crossed your mind was, “Well, what do people do by attacking so many computers or creating botnets?” In fact, the answer is very simple, just as cra** cars have hijacked your computer to deceive you, so crawlers have used your computer to deceive more people in various ways for money. But the question is, how are these done?

# Spam:

Spam is a really annoying thing. Fortunately, your email provider’s system now has many advanced spam filters. According to the FBI, most spam emails come from zombie computers. Spam mail from a specific computer is actually much easier to trace, but Cray ** Car sends spam mail using a zombie computer as a proxy, while many send spam mail from a botnet, which is like looking for a needle in a traced haystack. . It is possible to send millions of spam emails from one botnet at a time. Now the question is what is this spam mail? In fact, it is the weapon by which crackers spread their malware and turn new computers into zombies.

# Deeds Attack:

Crackers often use botnets to attack certain websites or web servers. A huge amount of fake traffic from millions of malicious devices is sent to the server, which the server cannot control and the website shuts down. This type of attack is called a deeds attack. There are several ways a crawler can use its botnet to carry out a Deeds attack. Some Deeds Attacks generate a lot of fake traffic from bots and send it to the server, causing the server to crash. Again, some attacks use mailbombs to send large amounts of emails to the server, to bring down the email server.

# Click Fraud:

Many times craw ** works using the botnet to click fraud on various websites. You may have seen various polls on the internet website, voting on any topic is done here. Cray ** Car can use his botnet to win any vote he wants. Again, suppose you add an ad to a website to promote your site and you pay him per ad click. Now the ad-running website can send fraudulent clicks to your ad using a botnet, which will allow it to monetize you. Again there are websites online that sell web traffic. You must have seen such ads on Facebook that you can get more hits on your website in exchange for so much money. So most of these sites use a botnet to send fake traffic to your site.

Isn’t your computer a zombie?

Answering this question is not an easy task. Because viruses and malware are created in such a way that they are not caught. So even if your computer becomes a zombie, it will be a little difficult to catch. However I have mentioned some points below, you can check it out. If these points match your computer’s behaviour, your computer may have turned into a zombie.

  • The malware or viruses that will be installed on your system to make your computer a zombie will use your system’s processor and RAM. As a result, if you notice that your PC is working without any work or you are always using 100% disk, memory, CPU, then your computer may be infected.
  • Check the sent messages in your email account, if you think you have sent a message to someone but you have never typed it, then your computer may have been infected.
  • The IP addresses of the zombie computers are blacklisted. First go to Google and type “WHAT IS MY IP” – this way you will find your IP address, then “http://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check” you can check if your IP is blacklisted from this link. If blacklisted, your computer may be infected.
  • Since it controls your computer via the internet, keep an eye on your internet bandwidth, if you can see that your bandwidth is always being consumed at high speed, then it may be controlling your computer.

How to survive being a zombie?

You must never want your computer to become a zombie. So you must protect it from becoming a zombie, but how? No worries friend, I am teaching you some best steps, by following these you can be most safe. And if you want, you can follow all the tunes from the security category of TechHubs, they will help protect you from various hacks or attacks.

# Antivirus is a must

You have to practice the best security to be safe, but you also need a good antivirus. You can buy and use good antivirus like Asset, QuickHeal, BitDefender, etc., but remember never to use any version of antivirus. And if you can, then stop using all the software, because with this you can get infected earlier. If you are using free versions of antivirus like AVG or Avast, you must keep them updated regularly and try to buy and use a paid antivirus. In addition to antivirus, you must install a good spyware scanner. These scanners monitor your computer’s Internet traffic and alert you if you see anything suspicious. Be sure to keep the anti-spyware program up to date.

# Use a firewall

Install a good firewall to protect your network. Your router has a default firewall, keep it enabled, and update it as soon as the router framework update arrives. If you do not use a router, use a good firewall on your computer, many antiviruses now have a default firewall.

# Strong password

I have written articles on computer security so far and I have insisted on using “strong passwords” almost everywhere. Use passwords in any account that no one can easily guess and of course do not use the same password in more than one place, and the longer the password, the better. Be sure to use a good password manager to remember all the passwords.

# What to do when you become a zombie?

If your computer is already infected or has become a zombie computer, you need to seek the help of a computer expert first, if that is not possible then scan your system with good quality antivirus and anti-malware The associated malware will die. If it is not possible to detect the virus, you may need to format your computer’s hard drive and install a new operating system. Be sure to keep a backup of your data here.

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