What is CDN and why should we use it

What is CDN and why should we use it?

The speed of the website is a big factor for the satisfaction of both the search engine and the reader. CDN has a deep relationship with speed. In the beginning, our indifference and a kind of suppressed fear about CDN worked, but now it has become a very common and effective method for search engine optimization. Almost everyone who is aware of the speed of the website feels comfortable adding a CDN to the website.

In the new situation, many people misunderstand the importance of CDN and the type of work. Some people add CDN to their website after seeing others, but most of them think it is an additional problem. This is probably due to the fact that there is no complete article in Bengali to give a basic idea about CDN.

What is CDN and how does it work?

CDN full form is Content Delivery Network. It is a kind of network created by connecting multiple servers, which displays the latest cached content of a website to the visitors.

Typically, when a visitor visits a website, he or she is automatically logged into the website’s main web server. If you have purchased hosting from a Bangladeshi local web hosting provider, your server is probably located somewhere in Bangladesh. Everyone who comes to visit your website from Bangladesh, America or Europe is automatically logged into your web server in Bangladesh.

If too many visitors start entering a website, the server will slow down at some point. Because each server has a certain capacity. The closer the number of visitors goes to this holding capacity, the slower the server will become and at some point the server will stop working completely. This type of situation is called server down. This is the word we often hear when looking at the results of public examinations on various government websites in our country.

When you use a CDN on a website, all of the content on the website (such as images, text, stylesheets, icons, JavaScript, etc.) will move to the CDN network. As a result, your content will be stored on different servers in different parts of the world.

When a user wants to access a specific website, he or she will automatically log in to the nearest server under the CDN network without having to log into the website’s local hosting server.

For example, if the hosting server of your website is located in Chennai, India and a user from Sylhet, Bangladesh comes to visit the website, he will not be directly logged in to the original server in Chennai. Instead, he will go to a nearby server under the CDN network in Bangladesh, which may be located in Dhaka. At the same time, if a visitor from the US wants to access your website, he or she will be able to access your website on one of the servers under the nearest CDN network, which is probably located in New York.

Does CDN really increase website speed?

Visitors from all over the world come to the same server on websites that do not use CDN. As a result, the server struggles to handle so many visitors.

On the other hand, since the websites using CDN are multi-server and region-based, not all visitors usually come to the same server. And for some reason, if too many visitors come to one of the servers and it goes down due to not being able to take so much load, then the website is still visible. Because many servers are under CDN. When one server goes down in the middle of so many servers, another server gets the responsibility to handle the visitors immediately.

So, it can be said that any website using CDN is never down or closed.

Now let’s talk about speed If the main hosting server of a website that does not use CDN is set up in Bangladesh, will the people of Bangladesh be able to access that website as fast as the people of America?

CDN is much more effective in solving this problem. Because, if you use it, the browser of that American man does not have to send the request to the main server in Bangladesh, the request has to be sent to the server covered by a nearby CDN. As a result, it will take very little time to access the website from any part of the world.

Then without a doubt, CDN really increases the speed of the website!

List of names of some of the most popular CDNs of today –

  • StackPath
  • Sucuri
  • Cloudflare
  • KeyCDN
  • RackSpace
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • CacheFly
  • Amazon Cloud Front

The cost of using a CDN on a WordPress website

The cost of CDN is really much higher. Much, much more. Like most CDNE hosting, it can be used on a website for a monthly allowance. But there is good news. The good news is, you can taste CDN for free if you want!

You must have heard the name Cloudflare. Even if you don’t listen, listen well, keep it in mind. Cloudflare is offering several types of CDN in addition to the premium package as well as the “free” CDN package !!!

Listening to the free “may seem, how much better the free thing will be! But no, CloudFlare’s free package has everything we need. From security to speed – you get all kinds of benefits in this free Cloudflare package.

It is worth mentioning here that many other CDN providers are offering the same benefits as CloudFlare’s free package for a hefty sum of money.

Is it necessary to add CDN to your website?

If you run an international quality website and expect visitors to your website from all over the world, then you must use CDN. Because it will allow people to access your website quickly from all over the world. That means the speed of the website will be fine.

If your website has a lot of visitors and the hosting bandwidth is low, then you must use CDN. This will reduce the risk of server down.

However, if your website has low visitors and the website is run with people in mind, then CDN is not required.

Remember, your website is written in Bengali. Then your target must not be the people living in Europe or America. There will be people from Bangladesh and West Bengal. So in this case, if your web hosting server is located in Bangladesh, then CDN will not be needed very much. However, with the increase in visitors, it is wise to take CDN.


If you run an international quality website and expect visitors to your website from all over the world, then you must use CDN. Because it will allow people to access your website quickly from all over the world. That means the speed of the website will be fine.

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