What is Discord and how does it work

What is Discord and how does it work?

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat-based application that combines voice chat aspects like Skype and TeamSpeak with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and text chat aspects of various instant messaging facilities. It’s available as a standalone application for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS & you can access the same features through web-based applications powered by browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

Does Discord for Gamers?

Discord is created as a chat for gamers. Because it was introduced as a free alternative to voice chat facilities like TeamSpeak, Mumble and Ventrilo. All of these services exist to facilitate voice over IP (VOIP) communication between the gaming community and other community members. Instead of using built-in voice communication in games that are low quality, lacking in features, or completely absent, gamers use these features to communicate in and out of the game.

The downside of most VoIP services is that they require a server, which is usually not free. Exceptions such as hosting companies offering a free VOIP server when renting a regular game server, but running TeamSpeak, Mamble or Ventrilo servers usually add some cost.

Discord offers a similar service, with similar features, at no cost. The Discord app can be downloaded for free, sign up for a Discord account is free, and anyone can create a Discord server for themselves for free.

Discord provides a premium service called Discord Nitro. Payment for this premium service comes with larger image uploads and the ability to select the numbers added to your Discord username.

How to start working on Discord?

Getting started with Discord is extremely easy, and you don’t need to sign up to use it. If you play a game and a group invites you to their discord to facilitate communication during a particularly difficult or competitive attack or match, you can participate directly without having an account.

To participate in Discord, you need to create a temporary account. You can register this account to make it permanent, or cancel it after you’re done.

Here’s how to create a Discord account:

At this point, you are ready to use Discord. If someone gives you an invitation link to a server, you can click that link to join their server.

Important: If you do not finalize your account creation, the account will be lost when you close your browser. Click, enter your email address, and then follow the email instructions to make your account permanently.

How to join Discord’s server?

To join a Discord server, you need a server member or admin to provide a link. Some servers have permanent links and others invite-only one-day usage links that expire within days.

If you have a friend with a discorded server that you would like to join, ask for an invitation. If you are a member of a community that uses Discord, you can request an invitation, or any permanent link that you think maybe saved on a community website, forum, wiki, or anywhere else.

How to create a server at Discord?

To create a server on Discord you first need an account. After creating your account, log in to Discord the platform you prefer and you’re ready to create a server:

  • Click + your server list below
  • Create a server by clicking
  • Enter the number of servers, select a region for the server, and click Create

To invite your friends, click Create an invitation link for your friends, and don’t forget to check the box where to set this link to expire if you want to create a permanent link for your community.

You can invite friends and acquaintances from other servers by right-clicking on their user icon and selecting friends.

If you no longer want your server, click here to delete it:

  • Click on your server list
  • Click the down arrow next to your server name
  • Click Server Settings
  • Click Delete Server
  • Enter the server name, and click Delete Server to confirm

Deleting a server cannot be undone. Before deleting your Discord server, make sure you want to delete it.

How to add friends to Discord

Discord is more fun with friends, and there are different ways that you can add them. There’s no way to find friends by email addresses or usernames, so you need to have their full friendship tags or friends with any other platform before you can add them to Discord.

When you sign up for Discord, you enter your friend’s username. This is the only part of your Discord tag. In addition to the name you selected, Decord adds four numbers to this format.

Find Discord friends from other platforms

In addition to Discord allows you to link your Discord account with other accounts, such as Button, Steam, and Reddit. You don’t have to link accounts, but doing so makes it easier to find your friends. Linking some accounts, such as Xbox accounts, enables your platforms to see what’s going on on other platforms.

To link to Discord Account, click Connect Account to add friends above. This gives you the option to select the account you want to connect to. You can choose which connected accounts you want to display in your Discord profile.

When linking your accounts, Discord will automatically pull your friend’s list from other friends and check to see if any of your friends are on Discord. If it finds someone, you will have the option to send a friend request.

Discorded calls and screen sharing

In addition to servers, Discord supports direct messaging (DM) for personal communication with friends and sends direct messages to communicate with a small community of friends. Exists separately from this server, so you and your friends do not have to be members of this server to use the same features.

Here’s how to create a group DM with your friends for private voice chat, video chat and even screen sharing:

  • Click the Discord icon (Home menu)
  • Click Friends
  • Click the icon in the upper right corner of the new group’s DM icon
  • Select friends to invite group DM
  • Click Create Group DM
  • Click the Start Voice Call (Phone) icon or the Start Video Call (Video Camera) icon to start a voice or video call.
  • With a voice or video call progress, click the Video Camera icon to turn on your webcam, or turn on Screen Share (Computer Monitor) icon to share your screen.
  • If you choose to share your screen, you can click the name of the game you are currently playing, or click Share Screen or Window to share a different window, application, or your entire desktop.
  • Click Leave Call When you are done the call ends.

Discord Group DM can have up to 10 participants at a time, so it’s a great way for small servers to communicate without the need to create separate servers. If you want to call more than 10 people at once, you need to create a voice channel on a discorded server and use it instead.

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