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Elevate your website's performance with our Technical SEO Service. We specialize in optimizing technical aspects, enhancing user experience, and improving search engine visibility for digital success.

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Our Technical SEO Service is a specialized offering designed to optimize the technical aspects of your website. By fine-tuning site structure, performance, and indexing, we enhance your website's search engine visibility and user experience.

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Our Easy Features

Optimize your website's technical foundation for higher search engine rankings.

<p><strong>Page Speed Optimization</strong></p>

Page Speed Optimization

Our service excels in speeding up your website's loading times, improving user experience, and positively impacting search engine rankings.

<p><strong>Mobile Responsiveness</strong></p>

Mobile Responsiveness

We ensure your website is fully mobile-responsive, catering to the increasing mobile user base and enhancing mobile search visibility.

<p><strong>Security and Indexing</strong></p>

Security and Indexing

With a focus on security measures and indexing optimization, we make sure search engines can access and index your website efficiently, bolstering your online visibility.

Our Best Features

With our extensive collection of elements, creating and customizing layouts becomes
second nature. Forget about coding and enjoy our themes.

Site Structure Analysis

Evaluation of website architecture to ensure easy navigation and logical organization.

Page Speed Optimization

Enhancing site loading speed for improved user experience and search engine ranking.

Indexing and Crawlability

Maximizing search engine access to your content through effective indexing and crawling.


 Resolving duplicate content issues for better search engine performance.

SSL and Security

 Ensuring website security through SSL certification and cybersecurity measures.

Website Analytics Integration

Installing and configuring analytics tools to monitor website performance.

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Features Basic Standard Premium
Business Size Perfect for Small Business SEO All Benefits of Silver All Benefits of Gold & Silver
Keyword Research up to 10 Keywords up to 40 Keywords up to 100 Keywords
Optimisation Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours 12 Hours
Basic Monthly Report
Monthly Call & Update
Google Analytics
Search Console
XML Sitemap
Speed Optimisation
24/7 Monitoring
Adwords Management
Niche Citations
Broken Backlink Management
Unlinked Brand Mention Outreach

Passes are billed Monthly. You may cancel
your subscription at any time.

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Reviews From Our Clients

See how our clients all over the world are benefiting from using our product.

The Technical SEO Service significantly improved our website's speed and mobile responsiveness... Read more

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

E-commerce Manager

The Technical SEO Service effectively resolved indexing issues and improved our website's structure... Read more

David Martinez

David Martinez

Website Administrator

As a digital marketing specialist, I appreciate the Technical SEO Service's impact on website performance... Read more

Emily Collins

Emily Collins

Digital Marketing Specialist

Common Asked Questions

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Technical SEO refers to the optimization of the technical aspects of a website, including site structure, speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing, and security, to improve its search engine performance.

Technical SEO is essential for ensuring that search engines can access and index your website effectively, leading to better search rankings and a superior user experience.

Our Technical SEO Service encompasses site structure analysis, page speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, indexing and crawlability, canonicalization, schema markup implementation, security measures, analytics integration, and XML sitemap creation.

The frequency depends on your website's needs. Periodic checks, especially when making significant updates or changes, help maintain optimal technical performance.

While basic technical SEO tasks can be done by website owners, a professional service is recommended for a comprehensive and effective approach.

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